A Great Holiday Away in Shrewsbury

If you are looking for a great holiday away then a suggestion of seeing the UK city of Shrewsbury – Shropshire may be a good place to think about. This place offers you many different exciting things to see when visiting the UK. Here are just a few things you can admire when travelling to Shrewsbury.

If you are a religious person, or even if you are not, the Shrewsbury Abbey is a great place to start when site seeing. The Abbey is a historic place that allows you to feel closer to God. Its astounding walls and designs are breathtaking, and leaves you with a calming affect when you have visited this place. The Abbey has been a popular tourist attraction for many years and will continue to be one for a long time to come.

Another place you may like to look at is the Hawkstone Historic Park and Follies. This place covers a large 100 areas and is centred around the inspiring Grotto Hill and the Red Castle. Hawkstone allows you to see beautiful and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. There are ravines, pathways, arches, bridges as well as the towering cliffs and follies. This place offers over 3 and a half hours of pure magic.

Shrewsbury castle is yet another place that will amaze you. This castle was built of red sand stone in the early days. It was built as a defensive fortification that protected the town from invaders. This castle truly is a special site to see. Its darker red colouring makes it stand out from other castles around the UK and leaves you wondering how they ever built it back in those days. A great site seeing spot for the whole family.

Shrewsbury – Shropshire, Home of Charles Darwin

Shrewsbury, pronounced Shrowsbury (for those of you who don’t know), is a farmers market town just off the border of Wales. Produce from this County town is famous the length and breadth of the UK and they are particularly proud of their food-shops, restaurants, the Roman vineyard and pubs, but their most important claim to fame is that it was the home town of Charles Darwin.

This claim to fame is so important to this town that from the 24th to the 26th April 2009 the town hosted the International Cartoon Festival. In honour of Charles Darwin, the theme for this highly acclaimed festival, was “Science”, it was the 200th Anniversary of this famous naturalist.

To the Saxons, this town was known at “Scrobbesbyrig” and was first mentioned in a charter in the year 901. The town, being more than 1100 years old encompasses a huge amount of history and there are more than 660 listed buildings. Not only is Shrewsbury filled with historic buildings, it also has some very strange street names which are a token of its long past. If you fancy living in Grope Lane, Gullet Passage, Dogpole or Mardol Streets, you now know where to find them.

Exploring this delightful medieval town can easily be accomplished on foot, and the poet John Betjeman enjoyed writing about it. Guided walks take place daily from the tourist information centre and visits along the way will include Shrewsbury Abbey. This is still a place of worship and it was founded in 1083. The red sandstone Shrewsbury Castle guards the only land approach to the town; all other sides are guarded by the river Severn. Basically, the town is an island in the loop of this river.

The Art Gallery and Museum are housed in a timber-framed warehouse, dating back to the 16th century, and these illustrate the rich history of the town and county. Look out for St. Mary’s church and a unique maze of narrow alleys crisscrossing the centre of Shrewsbury, this is known as the “Shuts and Passages”. You will also find a statue of Charles Darwin outside the library, which used to be the school he attended.

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