What to See on Your Holidays in England

England is an active participant in the development of the western architecture and it houses some of the most fine castles and forts of the medieval period. The country is also known for its grand country houses, cathedrals and churches.

The Humber Bridge is the 5th largest single span suspension bridge in this world, located near Kingston upon Hull, England. This bridge connects the North Lincolnshire with the East Riding of Yorkshire and carries 120,000 vehicles every week on an average. With the central span of 4626 feet and a total length of 7283 feet, this bridge remained the longest single span suspension bridge for around 16 years.

Shrewsbury Castle is a red sand-stone castle located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire of England, situated just above the Shrewsbury railway station. Currently, the castle is home to the Shropshire Regimental Museum. The Laura’s Tower is a vintage point looking over the townscape and the countryside.

Durham Cathedral is situated in the Durham city, England, and was founded in the 1093 AD. It is regarded as the finest example of Norman Cathedral and has attained the status of UNESCO World Heritage. The cathedral is also home to the shrine and the related treasures of Cuthbert, Lindisfarne, a 7th century saint, remains of Venerable Bede and the head of St. Oswald of Northumbria. It has a 325 steps tall tower from the top of which an outstanding view of Durban can be seen.

The Tower of London is a historical monument situated in the central London on the River Thames northern bank, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is a complex of various buildings set in two concentric rings of walls and a moat. The primary function of the tower was a royal palace, a fortress and prison particularly for royal and high status prisoners. It also served as a space for execution, armoury and torture, and also has served as a zoo, a treasury, public records office, the Royal Mint and an observatory.

Reputedly, it is also one of the most haunted and mysterious buildings in England, as some people say that the ghost of Anne Boleyn, the queen of King Henry VIII who was beheaded in the year 1536 for treason against the king has often been seen in the chapel, where she is buried. Other alleged ghosts in the tower include Henry VI, Margaret Pole, Lady Jane Grey and the Princes Edward and Richard in the Tower.

The Canterbury Cathedral is situated in Canterbury, Kent and is one of the most famous and oldest Christian structures of England. It is a cathedral of Archbishop of Canterbury, Anglican Communion and the leader of Church of England. It also forms a part of the World Heritage Sites list. Earlier, it was known as the Cathedral and Metro-political Church of the Christ at Canterbury.

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